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  1. not sure if this would be helpful but once you get it working the way you need on 1 computer you can go to setup and import export settings and export it to a file, then when you have the next one ready do the same thing but import the file. This includes all the exclusions you had set. Just have to put in the correct username and password unless maybe you remove them from the update settings in advanced settings before you do the export on the first one. I have done this a few times in the past with no issues. I also have it saved with my user info so if I have to reinstall windows I can just import that without having to hunt down my info again.
  2. Ok, I got it to update without BSOD. It had like 12 small parts it was trying to install so I canceled it between every 2 or 3 then reboot (yes I turned off deepfreeze). When it reboot I let it do a few more and did the same. Looks like its doing ok so far. Hopefully if anyone else has this issue this will be helpful.
  3. Yesterday and today I have been getting BSOD IRQL_GT_ZERO_AT_STSTEM_SERVICE and the computer will reboot. First off I run deepfreeze and don't unthaw but maybe once every month or two but eset still does its update regularly, it just doesn't save it when I reboot or shut down. I just did this on the 29th of last month. Anyway yesterday I started getting the bsod but didn't get to troubleshoot it any till now. Computer boots up fine and is ok for a minute or two then BSOD and restart. No new hardware installed or any flash drives inserted. Disabled network and computer runs great. within 2 minutes of turning network back on same problem. Disconnected everything else from network (in case of a virus on another computer) same thing in a couple minutes. Looked to see what activity is going on before the crash and noticed eset was updating. As soon as it completed downloading and starts to install system crashed again. Next time I canceled the update and waited a while with no problem. clicked update again and another crash. Have done this 3 times now and bsod every time the update starts to install. I am running version 8 still (don't want to update to newest yet) and windows 10 pro 64 (before creators edition update with updates disabled (deepfreeze makes it install over and over otherwise)).
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