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  1. Hello everyone, Firstly thanks for taking the time to help. I have included two screenshots Windows defender et al is being controlled by ESET but it would seem not the puboic profile. The rules area. As you will see no rules exist therefore I cannot delete rules to start from scratch. I cannot create rules at all. Thanks - any suggesgtions would be greatly appreciated
  2. indeed, exactly what happens on my desktop. I am not getting any such notifications on the laptop despite interactive being turned on. I have turned it on and off, shut the program down and paused all traffic. is there that I am perhaps missing or should i reinstall? I'm concerned that if I reinstall the problem may continue so I was wondering is there a setting I am missing.
  3. Hi, The attached images if from my desktop. On my laptop nothing appears in this area despite interactive being turned on. I've used the product for many years so I am confident that I know my way around but I must be missing something and I cannot think of what. Can someone point me in the right direction? thanks
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