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  1. I'd expect you to give a plausible explainaton to the circumstances described in my earlier posts. Your answers don't explain a) why only 1 out of 8 servers is affected and b) why the error suddenly goes away after awhile.
  2. We've had EDTD enabled on all our servers for a long time. Suddenly we get this error for one (1) of them. And within 24 h the error disappeared, without me changing any settings. Actually, as I recall it, this error has occurred a couple of times before (last couple of months) and each time it has "solved itself" after some time or after a server reboot. To me this is not normal and can't be explained the way you suggest.
  3. FFS ESET! I've never heard about EDTD before and to the best of my knowledge we haven't payed for any separate EDTD licenses. We have a handful of servers (all configured in the same way in ESMC) and a handful of workstations. Suddenly one (1) of the servers is reporting this error. This one: C'mon, you can't just introduce a new error like this, display it for only one (1) of our X servers and expect us to understand what's going on. Do better!
  4. @Marcos Will soon send you a new ELC file with Update engine advanced logging during at least two update attempts generating this. Sending as PM.
  5. Same here. Get the error occasionally on two Win 10 computers, several times a day. It seems to depend on if, and what kind of updated content, is present at the time om the update, whether the error occurs or not. So a bit hard to reproduce in a controlled way. After the error occurs (auto update initiated) I can manually trigger updates 0 – ~6 times before the update finally succeeds. Both computers are recently updated to "Windows 10 Fall Creators Update" as opposed to several other Win 10 machines not getting this error. But we also have a third Win 10 machine updated to "Fall..." that as far as I know don't get this error, so... All these Win 10 machines runs latest Endpoint Security 6.6.2064.0. I have traced file access with Process Monitor during a failed update. I filtered the output like this: The lines I've found interesting looks like this: Unfortunately the Update engine advanced logging wasn't activated at the time, but I'll send you the collected logs anyway. You'll get the ELC and PML files mentioned in a PM. If you also need Update engine advanced logging, let me know. / Håkan
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