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  1. Hello again. Never mind, I was clicking on an old device of the same name. I've since clicked on the correct device and been able to unlock the phone.
  2. Hi My son who's on holiday 135 miles away has somehow managed to lock his phone with the ESET anti-theft lockscreen showing. I suspect his friends have tried to log in too many times with the wrong password. I have logged in to myeset and the device is not showing any issues however for some reason, I cannot click on anything such as device is missing, or any other options for that matter including security password. Everything is greyed out. As a test, I've gone into other devices and this problem doesn't exist. I should add on the myeset dashboard the device is showing with a green tick and Anti-Theft Optimization level with 5 stars. Needless to say, I cannot remember the unlock password. I also have no physical access to the device. Any ideas what I can do? He needs his phone.
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