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  1. Looks like the module reappears every time the PC is rebooted. Please refer below screenshots. Before reboot: After reboot:
  2. Yes, i'm very sure the log was collected following execution of the command and a system reboot.
  3. Hi @Marcos, i have tried your suggested solution, but the result is still the same. I have taken another set of logs for you, just in case. Kindly help to see into this problem. eav_logs.zip
  4. Some updates: Same set of errors even after installing ESET Internet Security. But managed to collect the logs as per your instructions. Also, we have received reports that more customers are facing similar issue. eis_logs.zip Diagnostics folder.rar
  5. Our customer is currently getting the following error message: We upgraded the product from version 9 to the latest version ( Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the product from scratch, but the problem persists. Can anyone please help on this? I've taken ESET Log Collector logs from the endpoint, please let me know if its required, i will send it to you privately. Thanks.
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