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  1. esets_daemon freeze

    Hi Peter, we have running ESET version 4.5.9 with replaced em022_32.dat since this morning. We will see. BR Michal
  2. esets_daemon freeze

    I think, fix will be available soon. But I don't know exactly when. They engineers working on this fix. This is latest update message provided by ESET support guy from 27.november 2017.
  3. esets_daemon freeze

    Yes, they support said, that is a esets_smtp daemon issue. They working on it.
  4. esets_daemon freeze

    Dear all, you can collect information with this script: Script for collecting info @FHolzer Yes you are right. My current "workaround" is : Zabbix can check postfix queue (deferred), then if count of messages are bigger than 150, Zabbix can restart whole server. BR
  5. esets_daemon freeze

    Hi FHolzer, I have a tool from ESET, which collects all necessary data, not only logs. This information is required for troubleshooting by developers. Yours log contains less information, that is needed. I will find out,whether I can provide this tool for you. EDIT: I have already asked a few minutes ago
  6. esets_daemon freeze

    Hi all, ticket #202827 in support portal is opened. The last message from their support guy was, that he forward all collected logs from my servers to developers. We are waiting until the situation occurs. Because they need to collect logs and informations during esets_daemon malfunction.
  7. esets_daemon freeze

    the same situation happened again at 17:00 today
  8. esets_daemon freeze

    Hi Krzysztof, our servers is running well. Did you saw something in your log files
  9. esets_daemon freeze

    Hi Krysztof, For testing I try to change default value smtp_connect_timeout in main.cf from 30s to 120s. The last 24hours are our servers online without problems with freezing. However, we need a response from ESET, because our workaround may not be a good one.
  10. esets_daemon freeze

    The last post is solution? I have the same problem. Additional informations from our server: <telnet 2526> is working, Eset send my test message back to postfix. But Postfix cant send messages to esets_daemon running on Workaround is only restart my Virtual machine (Centos7.4) I tried: <echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_window_scaling> All deferred messages are sended. But this option could't be an solution.