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  1. Although there were a few issues directly after upgrade, having left it to settle overnight everything now looks to be working perfectly. All the mobile devices have now reported back and are displaying updated status's in ERAS. I have tested with location and everything looks good. Finally!
  2. Okay, so I wasn't able to do any testing on this as there is no planned release for the appliance as yet. However, there is a new version released of the MDM connector which should be installable via a Remote Administrator Component Upgrade task, taking you from v6.5.449 to v6.5.510. I have just upgraded via this method, time to see if the hotfix has fixed our issues...
  3. Just had a call back from support and apparently the release is imminent. It was due before now but a bug has been identified that has delayed release. He did say however, that if a customer was experiencing major issues they would make the MDM update available to those in need immediately. This was an answerphone message left for me last night. I think on balance I am going to get hold of the pre-release version today and see if it does actually fix the issues we have.
  4. Hey PyrexxData - I am assuming this did not resolve the client update issues, just the cert chain problem? There is another thread in the forum here intimating a patch is coming for MDM after they have identified a problem in the code - I have asked for an update in that thread.
  5. @madmaxoft Can we get an update on timeline for this patch please. There are clearly multiple users facing similar issues and for us this is becoming completely unmanageable. We are now over 2 months without a single mobile client updating its status.
  6. Correction: It was an OS update to both our ERAS server (appliance) and MDM server (also an appliance) that caused the cert error.
  7. After my last update to MDM I too got the certificate chain is incomplete error. I raised this as a ticket with support who resolved this on a remote session. Just a case of generating a new MDM cert and adding to the policy.
  8. I am experiencing exactly the same issue, with no client data being received back from the mobile devices. Mobile devices that were previously setup (and working correctly) are not reporting back 'new' data and new devices never report in at all. All commands issued by ERA are received by the devices and policy changes are applied and enforced. I had a support call open with ESET briefly but they have reported a bug in this version of ERA/MDM (identical version numbering to yours) which will be fixed in the next release. No timescale was offered for the next release so we are left in limbo with potentially insecure devices and no device tracking. Not great ESET.
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