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  1. Ok thats your trail on my license that i have buy i can change it then its better u use the eset FW to fix your problem. Otherwise its not posible to fix it. Thanks for try
  2. Can u change the product? When u can change , change it to Eset NOD Antivirus. I have the same error and change from IS to Antivirus and fix my problem
  3. I say its broken and do not that what it suld do. THey gamemode wont work for anny full screen. In vers 9 all work fine in vers 10 its work and in vers 11 it won´t work. Do an check Marcos and give the infors to techs they do fix it.
  4. So no help or no idea to fix this? And i think its dont work in v10 the game mode run normal but here mhm.
  5. Updates run when i play usw. All that , that normal dont run in game mode and no notification about that. on v 10 when i play and go to desk i can see the icon change in eset all good game run. In ver 11 the icon wont change. That show me that the gamemode not run
  6. HAllo yesterday i was install version . 11 and i miss the Game Mode bzw. The game mode donst start when i play an game.
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