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    Hi winstonsmith84, Not sure how everyone else does it but; I schedule a reboot at night through the Remote Administrator console at Admin/Client Tasks/Operating System/Shutdown Computer. That seems to work here pretty well.
  2. Marcos you are a great support person. You have helped myself and so many others. I just wish you could look at this from an Enterprise level. Yes the sending a new package to an office is a simple matter which takes only a couple of minutes. Now think bigger. Each new package needs to be tested for at least a week on a few PCs here in IT. Then contact an office manager and convince everyone bring in any laptops that they use at home. Leave leave those laptops and desktops powered on and logged off with all applications closed and saved. Install & reboot overnight. Deal with the users who did not listen and would like you fired because they did not save some Excel sheet. If there are no issues and no major problems reported here; repeat the process 41 more times. After loosing access to the version that I have been working with twice now; I have little faith in v.6.6.2072. This is certainly not meant as an insult to you. I just wish ESET could realize the time that goes into deploying these packages at an Enterprise level. I do not know many Network Engineers who push out untested upgrades to the entire network. This goes for Windows, ESET, Deslock etc. Removing these packages is an admission that they should not have been released in the first place. Trust in a security provider is not something to be taken lightly these days but I am beginning to wonder if our trust was misplaced.
  3. So frustrating. Thoroughly test a new release on willing participants, contact staff at multiple locations, begin pushing out an upgrade to 1000+ machines only for the version you are pushing out vanishes half way through the cycle. The exact same thing happened during the 6.6.2064 upgrade. Weeks worth of work down the drain with over half of the network still on 6.5.2107.1. I completely understand that other users were experiencing issues with v6.6xx; however, no issues here. At this point it looks as though there has not been a stable version released at all in the 6.6 cycle. ESET, you guys are wearing me out. End of rant