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  1. I ran the patch for ESET 6.5. Good news is that it is fixed Bad new is that it is now asking for password to access advanced settings. Any advise on what this password may be?
  2. Sorry, let me clarify on the updating method again. The update is downloaded manually from download.eset.com on 18 September. File used is weekly_eav32_nanos.rar. This file is then transferred manually to the offline terminal and updated manually via a local folder.
  3. Hi Marcos, thanks for looking into this. I'm actually updating from a mirror and I'm afraid I don't have the luxury of performing an ESET software update on that machine at the moment. Is there anything that's in that update that stops ESET 5 from updating? The only thing I can see in that error log is 'error downloading file from ESET server'.
  4. Hi there, could you check if there are any issues with this week's weekly update 16086? My offline Win7 machine is getting error 'Error downloading file from update server' when it tries to update with this week's update file. ESET version is 5.0.2254.0 I've tried clearing cache to fix the problem using instructions from link below but it does not seem to help at all. hxxp://support.eset.com/kb2134/?locale=en_EN
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