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  1. My phone has been miraculously online. but when i request a code to send by email...i get nothing...
  2. Is there anyone who will answer me? How do I unlock my phone?
  3. This site is only available to Middle Eastern countries. It's not illegal.
  4. If my phone was online this solution worked but phone is offline and i can't turn it online.
  5. Yes I did but i didn't get the email with unlock code my phone is offline
  6. It's 3 days i sit next to my pc and check emails and comments........but I didn't receive any solution........FOR GOD SAKE HELP ME.......
  7. I'm very nervous.........please answer before I kill myself.......please........I have too many things in my phone.......please
  8. Hi I have samsung s7 edge and I turned on sim guard. when I change the sim card my device locked. My device is offline so I used "costumer care" mode from "forgotten password" list.and I follow that. but I never get the email with unlock code. please solve my problem........please thank you "*sorry about bad grammar and dictation....because I'm not originally English*"
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