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  1. Since the new android update the optimization for the wifi is not working properly. It keeps telling me I am on an unsecured network when it is my home wifi that I have know since I got the phone, it happens on any network you connect to regardless if u have know it before or not. any help or suggestions??
  2. This is also happening to me, my android phone just updated and the same thing comes up. But when I turn it back on it immediately turns back off as soon as I exit the app. Please help
  3. I installed the Oreo update for my android phone which is a Huawei Nexus 6P and the setting for allowing installations from unknown sources has suddenly come on. At first I figured that the update had just turned the setting back on and I just had to turn it of again. But they have moves the setting completely and ESET now takes you to the wrong place in the phone settings when you click on it to change the setting back. After finding the proper place for the allowing downloads from unknown sources, I switched them all off that came up but the ESET softwear still think it is on. I have tried everything, please if anyone knows whats happening please help It may be a compatibility issue because they moved stuff around for the Oreo update, but I would really like to figure this out one way or another. Any ideas would be helpful. Other than this I have never had an issue with ESET and love all their products that my family and I have.
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