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  1. Latest update broke Win 7 x64 Pro

    Still seeing the problems with 10.1.219 update, as soon as the customer reboots machine after the update windows just goes haywire. Booting into safemode and using removal tool , then reinstalling 10.1.219 from scratch works fine, but why is the update still out there if it known to be happening. Today is number 5 for the last fortnight. Customers are beginning to question ESET's reliability ( yes i see the irony because Nortons/McAfee...are so much more stable NOT)
  2. Latest update broke Win 7 x64 Pro

    I have seen this exact thing on 7 PC's so far in the last 2 weeks after updating to 10.1.219, each time having to uninstall and reinstall. Any ideas why this happens. the symptoms are high CPU usage, non responsiveness, out of memory first i thought it was virus's or hardware, but the above solution has worked 100% of the time over the last 2 weeks