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  1. Thanks Marcos, the problem is solved. I guess I should have read the manual. I actually did change those settings to begin with, must have changed them back. I also assumed that a setting like that set from tools, would be also controlled by enter advanced setup. SweX, Thanks for your input. Yes maybe it does not make much sense. My concern is not so much my own privacy as far as any concerns to be 'hiding' something, but overall privacy and security of my system or data from all third parties that are not authorized by my policies to access that data. Its a very simple concern a
  2. Well no sooner I speak then the program just tryed to update again. Blocked by my firewall though.. So that is @ 1 hour and 20 minutes from my first post.
  3. SweX, Thanks for reply, Well I understand that it may not make much sense that I have disabled the Web protection by the product settings. That's something that I would not recommend, as it is one of the most important features to have. I have only done so due to several factors while trying out NOD32. - The main reason is with all the internet privacy issues lately I am wary of trusting any product I've never tried. Although I know Eset NOD32 has a great reputation and probably trustworthy, I am still unsure how much of my privacy may or not be protected by such a 'free trial' product. S
  4. Please note, In all fairness I should apologize if made the wrong title to the topic, since I can't seem to find a definative answer to 'how to switch off all updating' - which is probaly what the topic should say However, I have to say I went through every setting I could find many times and thought I had it set to switch off practically everything - yet still it was trying to connect to update. Now, I find that since over 1 hour it has not attempted any connections. Strange. Maybe I changed a setting that 'worked' somehow? On the other hand from what I've noticed this product is 's
  5. Hi, I'd like some technical answers to problems I have using NOD32 Antivirus version 6, 30 day trial version 6.0.316.0 Running on Windows XP with all service packs and updates. NOD32 Antivirus seems like a fine product in so many ways, but unfortunately unless I can 'tame it' I will uninstall it rather than buy it. I'm posting this so you can identify the problem, or make changes to it, so it will obey settings. Or if its not going to be changed, tell me if beta version 7 has the same issues. I am a very experience technical user The problem I have is no matter what settings
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