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  1. Creating a Dynamic Group with regex

    I don't think regex is the problem based on what MartinK said. I think it's the data. ComputerName will always be what the agent reports and not what we've cosmetically changed it to in ERA.
  2. Creating a Dynamic Group with regex

    Ok that does help. I'm looking for the computer name in ERA, We've renamed machines in ERA. So this is looking for computers that we have not renamed. Based on the information you provided, it does not sound like Dynamic Groups are a viable option since I'm looking for something purely cosmetic.
  3. Creating a Dynamic Group with regex

    Thank you for this, but it still does not work. I've tried lots of combinations.
  4. It seems like the dynamic groups are very finicky. Can someone assist with a simple Dynamic Group that lists computer names that do NOT have a space in them. I know how to regex, it just will not work.
  5. New ERA admin here, I'm sure there's some option(s) I'm missing. Yesterday there was a module that was being updated on all of our clients and it was beyond slow, and failed half the time. How do I ensure that all of our endpoints are only pulling from ESET's official mirrors for installs and updates?