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  1. Banking Mde hasnt worked on my computer since the update to windows 1709.
  2. Thank you it actually updates on its own but there is no way way to update manually. The update that you circled does not update.
  3. Can you pay an extra fee if I have 8 months remaining on my 2 year contract to get the Premium?
  4. If it works it sre isnt in the offical downloader, cause that just screws up the firewall and other parts of the program. and yes it was a clean installation.
  5. That folder does not uninstall in my Windows 10 app. When I try to uninstall the Epfw lightweight filter the whole OS hangs. And has to be rebooted.
  6. I just updated my 3 pcs to a new 2 year 3 computer license, I really hope the new GUI will be more intuitive.
  7. I am not demanding anything, I just do not want to go through an uninstall and a reinstall for nothing, what if V7 doesnt play nice, I want to know, it just so happens my license is running out, why should I buy a new V when it may not play nice with my configuration? Thats all folks.
  8. well if I had the cash right now, I would switch to Kaspersky or Trend Micro AV with a heartbeat but I don't, so I am forced to sit at the mercy of ESET to unveil this great mystery! I have the cash right now, and I have to update by the end of the month, I will wait until my last day of validity and then change if its not released.
  9. I think I might go with another A/V if thats the case. I never minded the 100 or so dollars for a 2 year 3 computer license, but I need to know the release date. Thanks.
  10. My 2 year license will be up in a few weeks and I would like to update but I do not want to do this with V7 on the horizon and not knowing if there will be any issues, when will the English version be finalized, I dont like to put beta versions on my computer.
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