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  1. I have reinstalled my ESET SS v7.0.104 and Everything working well, HIPS n Updates... Waiting final version )
  2. I have installed to the fresh windows 8.1 x64 the Beta ESET SS v7.0.104 . The Bugs I Have mantioned linked with hips and updating data base. When I pushing update , IT starts downloading update about 17 mb, then It refreshes data base, but after this, eset wants to download about 519 kb bases, but when It was downloaded , the refreshing of database was finished with this error : Undocumented serious error (0x1106) Downloading File name: em008_32_n8.nup(name of database) ------------ About Hips. It's the red colour in the settings and doesn't work... After restarting It doesn't wor
  3. I recently installed windows 8.1 v9600 x64, then found there is 6.0.316 final, remarked that the function does not work HIPS, and firevall when the mode is based on the policy. Then removed Eset 6, and installed 7 beta 104. Firevall works well on the basis of politics, but HIPS still does not work, an error communicating with drivers. P.S The old eye icon in eset 6 was better than the current icon in ESET SS Beta 7
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