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  1. Hi @TomTomTom, Is this a Windows or Linux hosted ESMC? Do you have a Watchguard Firewall or router on your network? If possible could you try restarting the ESMC Server Services and an example machine and then see if the wake up call then starts working? Regards,
  2. Hi @PuterCare, To help us investigate this issue please can you make sure you are running the latest version of ESET Endpoint Security / Antivirus for Mac or ESET Cyber Security / Cyber Security Pro. ESET Endpoint Security Mac - https://www.eset.com/int/business/endpoint-security-mac/download/ ESET Cyber Security Pro - https://www.eset.com/int/home/cyber-security-pro/download/ Once you are running the latest version (if not already) please can you capture logs as per the instructions in the following KB - https://support.eset.com/kb3404 Please submit these logs to your Local ESET Office and they will be able to advise on next steps and investigate the issue for you. Regards,
  3. Hi All, Thank you for the information, like has already been said I think the notification from ESET is a side affect of something else that is changing the domain suffix when connect to the VPN. Something that might be of consideration is disabling the 'Auto-Detect' proxy configuration in Chrome / IE which will then stop the browser from looking for these configurations as 'wpad.domain.com' is the default search browser use if this setting is enabled and the information is not provided via DHCP. This should fix the issue for anyone that is still seeing this on their machine. Please note to disable the setting a browser restart will be required. As @Marcos said the IP will be unblocked, if anyone is able to test the solution above that would be appreciated. Regards,
  4. Hi Guys, A quick question are all of these machines that are affected domain joined machines? Also is anyone using wpad to configure a proxy on the machines connecting to the VPN? Regards,
  5. Hi Are these DNS Queries seen over a long period of time? From the screen shot above these are all in space of the same minute. The ERA or ESMC will query ESET repository to check for new versions or Applications we may publish. Baring in mind that each ‘query’ could be a new sub folder of the repository. Can you confirm which version of ERA or ESMC you are currently running? regards,
  6. Hi All, I can confirm that version 6.5.12018.0 does support Server 2003, please download and install on your server. If it fails please submit logs to your local support team. Regards, Tom
  7. @DMcCurtain Following on from what @TonyK has said, the following KB shows you how to allow External Communications to ESET Security Management Center 7.x to allow manageability of remote Machines. https://support.eset.com/en/kb6870-network-configuration-requirements-for-allowing-clients-to-connect-to-eset-security-management-center-remotely
  8. Hi Sandor, We are currently investigating this issue, if you are not using Mobile OTP we would recommend enabling as this will allow users to authenticate. If you would like more information please contact your local ESET Office. Regards,
  9. @palmolive If Apache HTTP is installed on Windows please check the httpd.conf file located in 'C:\Program Files\Apache HTTP Proxy\conf' if you are running the Apache HTTP Proxy on CentOS the location of the config file is /etc/httpd/conf/ or /etc/httpd/conf.d/ Typically the cache on Windows will be located int he following location: C:\ProgramData\Apache HTTP Proxy\cache\ To test the HTTP Proxy please brows to the following location in a web browser: http://[IP address]:3128/index.html
  10. Hi Zoltan, On one of the machines that the upgrade failed on via ESMC Task, if you try to upgrade the Client Manually do you get any error messages? To help with the diagnostics while running the upgrade please enable Advanced Installation Logging as per the following KB: https://support.eset.com/kb406 Regards,
  11. @davidpitt if you do the upgrade in the following order this should work: Client with Endpoint 6.X Installed and Agent 6.5 Upgrade the Agent to v7.0 (from ESMC Server) Upgrade the Endpoint to v7 This should work perfectly fine. In your situation could you confirm what V7 Version number you are running (this can be found under Help and Support > Product and License Information).
  12. For the outlook sync issues, please try the following: Under Web and Email > Email Client Protection > ThreatSense Parameters > Files Extensions from scanning add OST and PST files Email Client Protection > Disable scanning of read emails If this doesn't work the options are as mentioned above.
  13. @Lee Ogley Please see the following link: https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/70/en-US/deployment_scenarios.html?support_vdi.html These instructions are for ESET Management Agent. Depending on weather or not you update your 'master' image regularly will depend if you would like to include the ESET Endpoint in the same image. If you do decide to include the ESET Endpoint in the 'master' image, please see the information in the kb linked below. https://support.eset.com/kb3725/
  14. @RoboScorpion do you know the file extension of any of the encrypted files? If you need our assistance please feel free drop our team an email and we will be happy to assist you.
  15. Hi Stuart, Please can you also turn of the 'Continue running background apps when Google chrome is closed'. Once you have disabled this setting please close all Google Chrome browsers and then try again. If this issue continues, please submit a ticket to our team and someone will get back to you.
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