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  1. Marcos, I have no clue what is "logs collected with ESET Log Collector" Where do I find Log Collector ? For me this problem is a bug in the EIS installer, right ? It should be smart enough to detect NOD32 is installed and replace it by EIS. I guess EIS's antivirus part is identical to NOD32 - only the firewall comes in addition?
  2. Thanks for the link towards full installer; I will try. I would like to avoid uninstalling NOD32 before to install EIS; ESET installers should be smart enough to do the required job :-).
  3. Thank you for your answer. I downloaded the correct installer: eset_internet_security_live_installer.exe I don't know how to insert a screen shot here, but here is the exact text: "Installation terminée. Version la plus récente de ESET Internet Security est déjà installée sur cet ordinateur". In English: "Installation complete. Latest version of ESET Internet Security already installed on this computer". This message comes 1 or 2 seconds after launching the installer (in other words: it does nothing before to give the message). After this message, i confirm the software on my PC is NOD32.
  4. Hello, I have NOD32 installed. I'd like to move to Internet Security. The installation process tells me something like "no need to install Internet Security, it's already there". Is the installer fooled by the fact NOD32 is installed? Or is there no difference between the two softwares ?
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