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  1. Hi, I've solved the issue taking the following in consideration: - The options described above fit only to the remote instalation of the package, they're not suitable to the instalation trough "double click" manual instalation, if you create a package (.exe) and try to execute it on a client manually the options described above will not take effect since they must be added manually in the "Execute" window. - I've tested using remote instalation of the package trough the console and it works, it removes the modules and performs a quiet instalation. But only remote. That solves my needs, I'll be using remote instalation. Thank you Patrick. You may close the thread.
  2. Hi, good afternoon. I'm having a problem regarding console's package manager command line options, i add the tag "REMOVE" and also the tag "/qb!" to remove the Firewall, antispam and http filtering capabilities in the ESET Endpoint Security package and to get it to run in the background without anything popping but it's not working, could you point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance. This are the options I'm using: /qb! REMOVE=Firewall,AntiSpam,eHttpServer ------ edit: I forgot to add, i have a ton of clients, the deployment will be remote, therefore its not possible to go and manually remove the modules in the advanced instalation tab in each workstation, i would really love a console alternative. Thanks
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