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  1. Hi After I upgraded from v6.1 to 6.2 I first had to deal wit freezing computers. By replacing the network.dll that issue seems to be resolved. But now my clients cannot update anymore. They use the proxy. On my ERA server I can see the update sessions for my computers when I run netstat -a, but clients "cannot connect to server" What am I missing? So far, ERAv6 gives me too much annoying issues to be honest. Greetings, Alexander
  2. I installed ERAserver 6.1.365.0 the default way on a Windows server 2008R2 testbox. Afterwards, I wanted tot add MDM and Apache HTTP proxy. Unfortunately, when I re-run the installer, RA server and RA agent are greyed-out, but selected. When I continue the setup with MDM and HTTP proxy selected, I receive en error that I should uninstall RA server and agent first. I cannot imagine that I really need to do this? So, how do I add components to this server? For the record: I already tried this procedure (wanted to see wat happened to this testbox). During reinstallation setup wanted to connect to the earlier newly created SQL express installation. But I could not connect to it? What credentials / settings do I need to connect to a database that is created by a default installation? Greetings, Alexander
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