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  1. Thanks, that helped. It would be nice to do it automatically, though. Please add it to the wish list .
  2. When a computer is reinstalled, ESET lists that computer twice, with the same name (FQDN) and IP (see screenshot). It is failing to automatically detect that is actually the same computer. As such, I'd like to create a task that automatically removes the older one of these duplicates. A solution would be to create a template and dynamic group that lists duplicates, and then apply the "Delete not connecting computers" task to this group. Unfortunately I haven't found any way of creating the duplicate names template. Can anyone present a solution for this? Thanks.
  3. I need to update ESET clients, that either have an english or portuguese language version. On the template creation how can I specify which of these two is the language of the security product? I only found an option for OS language, but that might not be the same as the product.
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