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  1. I put 6.5 back for a while and disabled Protocol Filtering. I don't think I have a Gamer Mode, in Endpoint Security, that I can see. Chrome did its usual but what I also noticed was glitches while playing a game. As it happened, I alt-tabbed and took a screenshot. See below: I'm back to 6.4 again.
  2. My product is ESET Endpoint Security and I have my own copies of the various installers of older versions of the business products only, sorry.
  3. I have the same issue with (EES) 6.5.2107. It does not occur with 6.4.2014 which I have now downgraded to. I am a senior IT support professional and have worked at my company for 24 years. While trying to find a pattern to recreate the issue, the best I came up with (in half an hour of testing) was doing this: 1. Toggle Enable/Disable Personal Firewall (in Network settings in ESET Endpoint Security) 2. Quickly switch back to Chrome and click on (create) a new tab a few times. Sometimes you will experience the 2 second stutter. Probably one in 3 times of trying. When the stutter occurs, CPU monitor shows ekrn.exe using the most CPU power (25% on my i5-4460) so although my current method of reproducing the problem is not particularly effective, it confirms ESET is causing this. And since downgrading to 6.4 resolved it, we know the problem is something new in ESET 6.5. I did try disabling each part of the firewall but no one part sorted out the stuttering. My system is Win10 64-bit. Chrome is up to date. I just deployed this version to 35 PCs and now feel sick about the problems this will cause, again. Every year I upgrade my client's software and over the past 10 years or so there have been various issues like this one which eventually gets resolved in a new version. The previous issue was long pauses opening doc files which got sorted with an update.
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