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  1. Hi, we have exactly the same problem on new installation of ESET on Android Tablets. The App immediately closes when I click the icon. But on devices where the old version was installed it does work after an upgrade. This is really a big hindrance for us because we can not hand out devices where ESET does not work. If you need Logs to fix this I will be willing to provide them. Regards
  2. Hello, yes, only the cert chain problem. The only information I have is the same as you have. They have identified it but don't know when a fix is ging to be released.
  3. Okay, I got an answer from the support now which worked very well. For anyone who has a virtual appliance for the ERA-Server and the MDC, this is what helped me: 1) Export the CA on the webinterface of the ERA-Server into a *.der file 2) Move it to the MDC 3) Copy it to /etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors/ 4) From command line run the following command: update-ca-trust I don't know if you have to restart the MDC-Service, but to do so you can type: systemctl restart eramdmcore.service Then again, this is what helped me, it may not work for you, so try it on your own behalf.
  4. Yeah I got it too after an system update. This looks like another bug we stumbled across. Wish one of the mods would react so we could help resolve that too. But as you see, nothing is happening here.
  5. Sadly not. Matters got even worse, we get an error that the HTTP-Certificate-Chain is incomplete and we don't know how to fix that. Now we cannot even enroll devices.
  6. Yes I should have updated this. I send them like a Gigabyte of logfiles and MySQL-Dumps and they told me that they found that bug. I was told from the support that there may be a release this or next week.
  7. Hello, We are currently configuring over 70 new Android tablets and installing ESET Endpoint Security on them. Since yesterday we have the problem, that devices which are enrolled do not seem to fully update their status. What I mean is that we enroll them and they are shown to be ok in the web interface. But if I click on the device it shows that the product is not activated, signature database is not up to date and and and... even though it is. The second problem is that these devices do not update their Last Connection status, only when I turn Wifi off and on. What also happens is, that when I send a task to these devices the task gets executed but in ESET ERA it shows that it is waiting to execute the task. Called the support in Germany for over 2 hours and they told me I have to do it manually because they can not identify the problem. Sorry, but that is not going to work for so many devices in the timeframe we have. Hopefully some one here can help, my software versions are: MDM: 6.5.449.0 Agent version on MDM: 6.5.417.0 ERA: 6.5.417.0 Agent version on Server: 6.5.417.0 Rouge Detection Sensor version: 1.0.1079.0 If anything else is needed, like logfiles, please tell me! Thanks and regards, Serkan Siller Pyrexx Data GmbH
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