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  1. Hi all, We were using NOD Version 9. The email was accessed with the AOL email web page - mail.aol.com via Firefox 54.0.1. After the incident, I upgraded to V 10.
  2. Hi Marcos. Thanks for the quick reply. The virus was triggered when she clicked on a link in an email (I know, I know :-) ) I restored the drive so all logs were lost. This was with NOD32 2016 and I installed it about 2 weeks ago. From what I've seen in a search, it's a .js file that downloads the locky executable.
  3. Lukitus is a variant of the Locky ransomware. My wife got hit today and it was missed by NOD32. Unfortunately it was linked to a Bank of America email that's a former employer. Encrypts the files with a .lukitus extension. Fortunately, we have backups.
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