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  1. Not sure this it applies for you, but updating Java 8 from Update 181 to Update 191 resulted in Tomcat not starting. Updating the path in the Tomcat systay Configure setting under the Java tab to the new 191 path resolved it.
  2. Still empty and existing tasks pointing to repository are failing with getfile errors.
  3. ERA Agent is 6.5, but server is still 6.4. I cannot use the console to run a task, so I'll try to run the server upgrade manually.
  4. How do I know that the upgrade is still processing and not stuck?
  5. In this case, its been about 30 minutes. On previous attempts, I have waited a couple hours.
  6. I attempted to upgrade to ERA 6.5, from 6.4, and I receive the following error when I attempt to sign in: Web Console version (6.5) is different from Server version (6.4).Please update Web Console and/or Server to the same version. Otherwise, you may encounter errors and unexpected behavior. I have no indication of whether or not the upgrade is still in process. I have started this process numerous times, but after waiting what I think is a reasonable amount of time, I end up reverting to a Hyper-V Checkpoint prior to the upgrade. Is something stuck? Do I need to wait longer?
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