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  1. Martin, that's the most arcane way to determine a version number that I've seen in...well, maybe ever! What if I lose my ESET version number secret decoder ring?😨 Thanks!
  2. Thanks, for your reply, Martin. So going forward, when the RSS Feed on the Dashboard announces a new ESMC version, I should disregard it unless I get an update notification from ESMC. That raises another question. How do I know I'm running Nothing in ESMC Help/About reports that version number.
  3. Current ESMC Help/About: ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.0 (7.0.577.0)ESET Security Management Center (Web Console), Version 7.0 (7.0.429.0) I've not received an update notification yet to update ESMC to v7.0.72.2. I'm logged on as local Administrator; not a permissions issue. No Update Product command is available on the Help menu, as per https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/70/en-US/update_product.html. What is the correct procedure for me to use to update ESMC to v7.0.72.2?
  4. I misinterpreted what was happening. THe server DID restart last night for MS updates. But if the log is written each time the ESET installer runs, then that's what I'm seeing, not a result of the computer restart. The installer runs each week because my site visits are on Wednesdays. Therefore, we want updates (from ESET or MS) to install on Wednesday early AM (02:00 or 03:00) so that if there are any issues, I can address them upon arrival at 08:00. We install on servers EXCEPT hosts at 01:00, hosts at 02:00, so guests can finish before hosts reboot (thereby rebooting guests). Sin
  5. was it a clean install or an upgrade? Upgrade if an upgrade, from which version? 7.0.12014.0 How does the task execution window look inside ESMC? Details? The one that shows failure was actually successful...it's on the current version. Can you share the screenshot of either the machine protection status from ESMC or from the machine locally? Where is the "pending reboot" displayed? Too late now; all have been rebooted. But in the Computers node in ESMC, they had "!" status and Details showed
  6. @MichalJ, thanks. I now remember that the reboot DID work the first time I pushed the first 7.0 File Security release after upgrading to ESMC 7.0. The reboot did NOT work when I upgraded from the first 7.0 File Security release to the 2nd, which also occurred after upgrading ESMC from whatever it was to 7.0.577.0. I used the same Client Task for both installs; only thing that changed was the selection from the Repository. I will be back at this site Wednesday, 19 Dec, and will gather the information you requested at that time.
  7. I have a Client Task in ESMC 7.0.577.0 to install ESET File Security for Windows Servers 7.0.12016.0 on 8 servers. It ran overnight last night and installation was successful. However, while the option to "Automatically reboot when needed" was enabled in the Client Task, the reboots did not occur. I now have 8 servers which ESMC reports I need to reboot, and will need to do so after hours tonight, manually. I had the same issue with ERA 6.x and posted on this forum about it. I was assured at the time that it would be fixed in 7.x. Any idea when it will REALLY be fixed?
  8. Marcos, I can't give you specifics. This is a general observation from nearly 3 decades of IT experience...but none of it in the last few weeks where I could look it up in logs. It is, however, a fact that when I take over a site that doesn't have scheduled scans (which is most of them) and add one, malware is found. Thereafter, malware is rarely but occasionally found in a scheduled scan that was missed by a real-time scan. I will not be stopping scheduled scans, but I will eagerly look forward to ESET making the scheduler smart enough so that the 3 OTHER scans, scheduled by default and
  9. Marcos, thanks for your reply. A little wary about backing off on the scheduled scans. At all sites I manage, including ESET sites, scheduled scans pick up malware that real-time scans miss. Presumably because of updated virus definitions. Managed AV, including ESET usually doesn't include a default scheduled scan, but I've learned to always implement one when I inherit a site. And as soon as I do, the console is flooded with malware missed by real-time scans. So the question I have to answer is, how long am I OK with leaving malware on the machine? But even if I eliminated my schedu
  10. A Windows 10/ESET AV 7.0.2091.0 user complained of slow performance. Checked Task Manager and found disk was 100% utilized, mostly by ESET. Opened ESET and discovered 4 Scheduled Scans running at the same time. User says she never turns computer off, but it does sleep after a timeout. In ESMC, the Policy for Scheduler has an entry for Scheduled Scans to run at 12:00. As it was shortly after 13:00, that's the only one I'd expect to be running. Looking at the start times for the scans, I woke the computer from sleep via ESMC Wake-Up Call 3 times earlier today to update its ESET Agent,
  11. Thanks, FONEIL. Since there is no mention of the April 2018 update (or any other feature update) on these pages, does that mean version 6.1x and higher officially support W10 v1803, and that there's no need to wait for "ESET Endpoint Security / Antivirus with declared RS4 support should be released during the upcoming week."?
  12. Thanks all. I need official guidance; too much liability to rely on anecdotes. Until it's officially supported, I can't afford to install it on clients' systems. And even then I'll wait a few weeks. I like ESET, but you need to post a KB page like Trend does: https://success.trendmicro.com/solution/1119685. Post it a couple weeks before release date, and update it until every product is supported. (But don't do the other thing Trend does...wait until 4 months after release to issue an update to support a new W10 feature update!)
  13. Is Windows 10 April 2018 Update/v1803/Redstone 4 supported by ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6.6.2072.4? Is there a KB article to that effect that I missed?
  14. You're right; the filter was set for EAV; didn't notice that. Catches me every time. (IMO, browsing the repository for a product should automagically filter for that product.) Clarifying: "Major Release" = 7.x? ESFW, ERA, or both?
  15. ESFW v6.6.2072.4 is now in the Repository. Does this version include the auto-reboot fix? Do I need to add REBOOT_WHEN_NEEDED=1 as an "Installation Parameter?
  16. Summarizing this thread: No solution for now, for ESFW. Have to reboot manually until the next ERA and/or EFSW are released towards the end of Q2. (-ish.) For ESET Antivirus, add REBOOT_WHEN_NEEDED=1 as an "Installation Parameter" in the installation Task.
  17. Next ERA release? Next ESET File Security release? ETA? Thanks!
  18. I added REBOOT_WHEN_NEEDED=1 to the Client Task that installed ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server v6.5.12014.1 on my servers last night. (The "Automatically Reboot When Needed" checkbox was also enabled, FWIW.) None of the servers rebooted.
  19. @MichalJ that sounds great! Looking forward to v7! In an ideal world, it would work something like WSUS, where updates can be approved for install or removal, and approvals could be applied per-Group, to allow us to set up a subset of computers to be used for a test. At larger sites, this would be useful. However, there are only 11 workstations at this site, and having it happen completely hands-free would be great. I don't recall ever having to downgrade ESET due to problems. As long as that never happens, the less steps it takes to manage ESET, the better!
  20. Thanks, Michal, I can see that would work. With ESET, there always seems to be a way, however obscure, but this gets pretty opaque! Someone following behind me would be puzzled by that Application Version mask rule. Seems odd we'd use strings as criteria for the Application Name anyway. ERA should know the product IDs, which are, presumably, unique, and simply offer ESET products in a dropdown list to build the rule. We also need to be able to select "Outdated version" as a selection for "Application Version" to put this on Auto-Pilot. We should not need to edit the Dynamic Group Te
  21. I created a Dynamic Group Template to use with a Dynamic Group to find all servers with outdated ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Servers. The template consists of an "Application Name" rule and an "Application Version" rule. The "Application Name" rule finds no matches for "ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Servers". Even when I copy & paste the name from the Repository entry to avoid any typos. I changed the operator from "equals" to "contains"; still no hits. Then I removed one word at a time from the end of the name and checked for hits after each removal. None
  22. ERA 6.5. Scheduled an after-hours push install of 6.6.2072.2 over the previous version via ERA Client Task. The option to Automatically Reboot if Needed was set in the Task, but none of the computers rebooted. Why? Does it not reboot if a user is logged on (as likely they were)?
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