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  1. I know you can do a push install to OSX and it should work the same on Linux. First you'd need to have a user name and password with ssh and sudo access. For OSX you need to download the .dmg file from ESET Install the application on OSX configure all your settings and export those settings to an .xml file. In the ERAS, create the push install package with the .dmg you downloaded from ESET and the .xml file with your configuration you exported. Then just push like you would to a windows client, using the username and password that has ssh and sudo access. Simple as that.
  2. use the .dmg file you download from ESET and not the .pkg file. I made the same mistake using the .pkg I created for an ARD install. I actually read the error and saw what it was trying to do, which was mount the .dmg and run the installer. Once I used the .dmg instead of the .pkg it all worked just fine.
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