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  1. It is not accepting my password, I tried clicking forgot password but it just sends me an email with another code that didn't work.
  2. After trying to disable eset, it locked my phone. So I put in the password I remember, and it rejects it. Okay, no problem, ill just use my email. I try it through email, and no matter how much I try, I won't receive the email. Final hope, trusted contact, I texted my number "eset remote reset" from 2 of my trusted contacts, and still, my phone is locked. I contact ESET support and they respond the next morning. They told me to try a code, when I did, I still could not unlock my phone. I emailed them back the same morning (this morning) and still haven't got a response. Tomorrow is going to be the third day I do not have access to my phone, and ESET is taking their sweet time responding. I am unable to text or call anyone, and I am limited to what I can do on my computer because I do not have access to two-step verification. Does anyone have any suggestions? UPDATE: No thanks to ESET support, I figured out how to unlock my phone. The reason the SMS reset method did not work was that me and my friend both used signal (a third party SMS Messenger). He had the idea that he should text me through the default Samsung messenger, and what do you know, it worked. I hope ESET adds this into their knowledge database as on how to fix SMS remote reset. Again, for me, the problem was using a third party SMS messenger.
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