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  1. Here is a screen shot of the ESET blocking message that I'm getting. The web address in blue (i.e. "Client2.google.com") changes depending on what program or app is being searched for. This is really frustrating and often I just get a white page that says "This website is not available" or "There is not internet connection". Please Help Ron
  2. Is there anything else that would be causing ESET to block the Chrome browser?
  3. I too am plagued with an ESET connection issue. I am running "Windows 7 Home Premium" and ESET Smart Security 8. When I attempt to open my Chrome Browser and other program such as email, ESET gives me a "Block or Allow" statement that prevents me from continuing. If I click on either Block or Allow the ESET message just blinks and reappears and will not go away or continue. The Message is quite lengthy and indicates that the browser has unknown traffic on it or something like that. I will get a screen shot later. A computer repair chap told me it is because the time signitures are out of sync but I have updated both Chrome and ESET and it still happens.Can you tell me what is going on?
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