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  1. Thanks Michal. License Administrator is the online site correct? https://ela.eset.com I suppose I would be on the Dashboard, expand my license. Click on the link in the "offline" column this would bring me to some page. I would then click the one box and say remove? And yes, I would definitely need to have a way to check. As I go to that page it pops up a warning about "1 Connected to internet" which might suggest there is one machine I'm not aware of using this license. I would most definitely need to resolve that first.
  2. I have an ERA 6.5 server that I am in the process of decommissioning. It is being replaced with ESMC 7.x I have 2 offline licenses where those servers were decom'ed a while ago (before my time) but the licenses were not reclaimed. How do I get these licenses back into the pool? I do not see documentation on how to do that. 1) verify who is using the offline licenses 2) how to put them back into the public pool.
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