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  1. I must say that in the few years i have used a windows computer i have come across about half a dozen malwares in a real time situation.I am very curious to know just what sort of people are coming across hundreds of malwares which can justify these test results. I have tried most security products and by far ESET has been the most friendliest towards my computer with hardly any impact at all which i regard as more important than high detection rates. I personally do not browse on the dark side and generally i visit a set number of trusted websites so my likelihood of coming across malware is quite low in that respect. I mean really do we expect to come across such big amounts of malware? If by any chance i do come across a malware and ESET stops it then that is job well done by ESET and it is doing what it is supposed to do.
  2. Hello marcos and thank you for your help. Everything is working fine now. All the best.
  3. Hello. Today my eset antivirus has stopped registering with the windows 7 action center. Could somebody be so kind as to suggest any remedies please. Thank you.
  4. Thank you tomface.Its great to be here.
  5. Can version 7 be installed over v6 or does it require a clean re-instalation please.? Thank you.
  6. Hello. Im a new eset user and overall im very impressed with this program.I was just wondering if there are any guides on configuring the eset firewall effectively please.? Thank you.
  7. Im sorry but this is nonsense. Installing keyloggers to spy on your children or whoever is just wrong. The best way would be to just limit the amount of time your children are on the computer.This is why there are parental controls on security programs etc. Or another method is to sit next to your children while they use the web.But installing keyloggers shows mistrust and a suspicious and insecure nature in the parents involved. Thank you.
  8. yes this is true but i was having network issues and bluescreens with avast.i gave the new comodo plenty of chances but it was becoming too bloated and heavy. It sounds strange i know but i instantly liked eset when i installed plus it is more friendlier to my computer.For some reason i dont trust comodo themselves as a company. Anyhow im loving the eset set-up i have now and after 30-days trial i am going to make a purchase. Thanks.
  9. Hi. I would highly recommend eset to be honest. I have used other products over the years and i was a comodo user for about a year and a half,so 2 days ago i installed the trial version of ess 6 and i can tell you this,I have dumped comodo for good now and im going to stick with eset. I intend to buy a licence and i havent looked back since.My computer runs a lot better now with eset installed and i love this program. Please give eset a try.You will not regret it.
  10. Hello ESET forum and i hope everyone is well. My name is darren and i have been using ESET smart security 6 for just 2 days and im extremely impressed with the product. This is a product i intend to buy as i have been using free software before. Eset has earned my respect and congratulations to the developers of eset for making a program which has been the lightest i have used in a long time. Regards.
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