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  1. peteyt: Thanks for the info, however, new features may only mean different or additional features and doesn't necessarily mean that their anti-virus detection is different than say version 7. From what I can decern...their antivirus detection is the same whether it be ver. 7 or ver. 10. Hence the question. If I'm correct, then why spend additional money on something that really doesn't improve antivirus and thus ransomware protection over what I already have? It may be a nice benefit to have more features, but my main goal is and always will be getting the best antivirus and firewall protection I can get. I realize selling product is the goal of every company but I hope Marcos or someone at Eset can answer the question I asked Marcos frankly without the fear of losing business.
  2. yeoldfart: I understand how these viruses attack, but your answer still doesn't explain my original question to Marcos, if Eset has a better Antivirus detection engine for one product or version over another Eset product. If ransomware is a virus wouldn't any Eset antivirus product perform the same at stopping it?
  3. I can't find my license. Where would I find it? Plus is there any difference between downloading Eset Smart Security 10 (2017) from other vendors and Eset Internet Security? Marcos I was somewhat puzzled by your post when you said "Only v10 contains anti-ransomware protection" Isn't ransomeware nothing more that a virus that locks down your computer to extort money rather than destroy, or use it for other attacks or steal information? If it is a virus, then wouldn't the normal antivirus protection in Eset (updated of course), be what stops these forms of viruses no matter what version of Eset you have? Thanks for clearing this up
  4. I have Eset Smart Security 7. I've attached a screenshot of the versions and modules. Does this have the latest updates and detection engines to detect and block the latest malware, antivirus and ransomware threats?
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