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  1. @marcos: thx for your quick reply. I made the Installation one month before. There was no newer version available then 6.5. . I don´t need HIPS and antiphishing on a fileserver. So i don´t want them to be activated and i don´t want any alert in the ERA @piini3: thx too, i found out, how to disable the presentation mode
  2. HI, I made a new Installation of ESET ERA 6.5 VA. Then i made a ESET FS Installation on 2 Windows 2016 Server from the default repository (6.5.12014.1). I assined the default policy with real time scan only. Why do i get this messages in ERA and how can i get rid of them? yours Karsten
  3. Hi, how can i create a task, where all clients will get scheduled an automated Endpoint Antivirus upgrade? I don´t want to do this with a simple task again and again as in the past, where i have to assign manually the new program version of Endpoint Antivirus. I want all clients to ask the ERA, if there ist a new program version, download and upgrade it automaticly. Is this possible, or does anyone knows a similar way to get the same result? yours Karsten
  4. Hi, i have installed a new Era proxy VA ver 6.5 , but the connection to the main ERA ver 6.5 failed. This is a part of the log: 2017-06-15 07:58:54 Error: CReplicationModule [Thread 7fa454ff9700]: CReplicationManager: Replication (network) connection to 'host: "esetapp.xxx.local" port: 2222' failed with: Receive: NodSslWriteEncryptedData: Internal error in the underlying implementations. 2017-06-15 07:58:54 Error: CProxySecurityModule [Thread 7fa453ff7700]: Certificated user verification failed with: NodVerifyCertificateChain failed: NodVerifyTrustResult: 42, NVT_NotTrusted, X
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