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  1. Change in support options Eset IS with Eset antivirus and use windows FW it will help.
  2. I have the error with internet connection is all good. And other service runs like an charm onley the live grid make errors. Pls inform the techs i think the fail is on your side
  3. Since yesterday Live Grid error comes again. Infos when will it fix it?
  4. @Marcos have they fix the alert now? Have u information for me?
  5. And 2nd question when it fix , why there is no inormation about it. ESET epic faild
  6. And what will u say with that? Freeze is still there , so what is now?
  7. Dont check nothing guys its eset failer take a look on this hxxp://support.eset.de/alert6477/ same problems that i have on 4 pcs
  8. 25. juni no fix , why guys why? business user become an new version wie not the home user guys come 4 weeks for an fix thats not good work.
  9. Ok thanks , but no update installer for me after install same freeze and i musst deactivate WD.
  10. Say all , hxxp://support.eset.de/alert6477/ same probleme since 14 days still no fix
  11. Ok so install only with WA, when i install eset again i disable WD and install eset update etc. And then what next ? Do i turn WD to enable or let it disable? Sry for my bad english But it annoys slowly, only by kaspersky away because of problems. Changed to eset. First week everything well and then it starts. I a.m annoyed
  12. Hi there i have the problem with this here hxxp://support.eset.com/alert6477/ when will eset fix this problem? Some Infos on the satus or so?
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