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  1. The Windows version of Eset V7 onwards I believe, now includes Ransomware protection as standard but I don't see the same protection for MAC's. Given that ransomware has been around for MAC's for a while and a new variant called EvilQuest has now hit the scene, which is a particularly nasty piece of work. It encrypts, installs a keylogger and a reverse shell, I'm surprised there is no apparent protection from the MAC Eset Endpoint AntiVirus.
  2. Sadly this could be a harsh lesson. Even with Windows shadow copies turned on, most ransomware will delete these shadow copies so this is by no means a guarantee to recover your data. You need to backup to an external device on a regular basis and get in to the habit of doing it. Windows 10 has an integrated backup tool, so make use of it. If you are not using Windows 10, just manually copy files to a USB drive to a dated folder so you can recover files at any point. Installing Antivirus after the event will not recover your files as the damage has already been done. You need to prevent, not attempt to cure ransomeware.
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