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  1. Hi, 15 mins ago I had to do a re-start and the message appeared again. I was going to post here of that occurrence but then decided to do another re-start to check it out. No message. I had been clear of it for a few days until what happened to-day. Isn't that strange. Reason for edit, I was in registry searching for CLSID. I found it and deleted it. On restart that message about Protocol re-appeared. Two or three starts later and still no popup. The registry search wasn't in relation to Eset. Just in case it matters WinPatrol was continually throwing up those keep or reject things and that action cleared it up. KTF.
  2. Can I assume I have same problem as member above and problem will be fixed via future update. Using Win 7. Thanks for looking.
  3. Welcome welcome. Tell me one thing that one doesn't learn over at Wilders Thanks for the welcome SweX. It was at Wilders I got my first introduction to Eset. There was a software giving of different security products. I won a prize of Eset anti-virus. I then took out a 2 or 3 year subscription of my own. I think I then reverted to freebies. That must be 10 or more years ago. The product has very much improved since then.
  4. Hello to all, I'm not a regular contributor because if my computer is going well I rarely have much else to talk about. I have to mention I also learned about this forum over at Wilders.
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