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  1. During my testing I also noticed that some settings (can't remember what) were not applied during install, but they were applied after Agent contacted ERA Server. But you need to create a group, create a policy there and when creating installer you need to select that group.
  2. Please add a column that will show "Virus Signature Database".
  3. I meant this: What I found out was that all settings except this one were eventually applied after restart. But it really doesn't matter much, since you said it yourself that you don't support v5 in era v6, and I decided to switch to v6 exclusively. All this testing with v5 client was just...testing, to see how it behaves since I had v5 and was comfortable with it.
  4. I understand that, but what I'm trying to say is that ERA showed localized name when configuring policies, so I assumed ESET clients would also use localized name, but that was not the case. So this is bug in ERA.
  5. Ad A. I managed to "fix" it, even though it was displayed in policy editor as "[wirus %VIRUSNAME%]" it wasn't set to apply. What is weird is that local Eset showed "[virus %VIRUSNAME%]". I just forced this setting in policy and now it uses correct polish word. But still, it's a bug when polices show localized name but local client doesn't.
  6. Ad B. This is a "leftover" from when eset removed zip file with eicar virus. This message that I sent only had one attachement (zip with eicar com file)
  7. I don't know what you mean by "Notifications to email are not added by default" but let me show howan e-mail message that contained a virus shows in Outlook Issues/bugs: A. Subject uses english word "virus" and then polish "Eicar plik testowy" (this is what I mentioned in previous post). B. An attachement that has polish name ("Attachement without name 00004" in english), and it says 131 bytes size, but if you save it to disk it becomes 2 bytes file with this in it: C. Warning in polish, without polish characters. So, how about fixing/unifying this? FYI, it's Outlook 2016 & Eset Endpoint Security 6.5.2107.1 and I didn't apply any specific polices to it.
  8. Here are another bugs 3. When eset detects virus in e-mail message, it then changes Subject and adds information about that virus. But right now it uses english words with localized virus name. I sent eicar test file and eset removed it and added to Subject "[virus Eicar plik testowy]". As you can see, word "virus" is english word, but "Eicar plik testowy" is polish for "Eicar test file" 4. When eset main window is displayed, if you click on eset icon in taskbar it doesn't minimize the window.
  9. Ad 1.Because this in not a standard Windows behavior. This is standard Windows behavior: Ad 2. It worked ok in v5 but it seems it's bugged in v6
  10. It seems some settings are applied correctly and some are not. For example, "Global Whitelist" in "Antispam address books" was applied, but "ESET LiveGrid" and "Enable detection of application modifications" wasn't.
  11. 1. The maximize window button doesn't change when window is maximized 2. When doing a scan, if you click to open it in separate window it opens correctly as it should, but if you then try to close main eset window to keep visible only scanning window, it also closes that scanning window
  12. To be honest, I dislike v6 GUI (and Windows 8.1/10 Modern/Metro/Minimalistic GUI) But I'm still going to upgrade every computer in my company to v6, right now they have every version from v3 to v6 (nobody ever thought about upgrading them). I'm asking about managing v5 because right now I'm testing era v6 and created installer with v5 endpoint security and even when I chose a policy to be included with it, it seems it is ignored and I had to setup everything manually on client.
  13. Hello, just a small question, can I create policies and manage v5 clients from era v6?
  14. Some time ago I changed domain name that is sent from dhcpd to computers in our network and few computers showed that "new network detected etc etc." As almost every coworker uses standard user account, they couldn't choose what type of network it was (most computers have endpoint security v5, some have v4, i only installed v6 on few new computers). Later I discovered that some computers remembered our network by domain name, some by dhcp server ip address, some by gateway address. Later I decided to deploy ERA, was very happy to find out it's available in virtual appliance and I was testing polices with my laptop. And when I was testing Know Networks, I added one, waited for polices to apply and then I noticed all my known networks were gone. And that's it, that's why I wrote thread
  15. Sorry but this doesn't work as it should because I tested this before posting here. I now think it is a bug in Eset Agent or whatever is applying policies on client. Here's how it can be reproduced every time: 1. I create an installer in ERA with Endpoint Security 6.5.2094.1, I add a licence, ip address of era server, I choose a policy that only has this setting: " Protection type of new networks: Ask user". 2. I install eset using that installer on a PC, after finishing it asks about current network, I set it to home/office, it gets added to known networks on client PC, let's call this network "mycompany.com" 3. In ERA I create a policy that only has " Known networks" set, I add a completely different network there with different settings, let's call it "foo.bar", I set it to Append. I assign this policy to group where that client PC is. 4. After a minute Eset on client PC updates his policies and it removes mycompany.com from list of know networks and adds foo.bar. And that's that.
  16. I'm testing ESET Remote Administrator to deploy it in my company. I run into a stupid problem. In configuring polices, I want to ADD a network to list of known networks "Personal Firewall -> Known Networks". Right now users have their own lists on their computers and I DO NOT want to replace their whole list with list supplied by ERA (and in the end, block users from changing it). Is it possible?
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