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  1. Policies not applying

    Im talking about ERA v6 The problem is that every time that i try an endpoint to update via mirror it gaves me 2 errors: 1- Proxy authentication error (Im assuming its because i have proxy information in the endpoint) 2- Server not found when i disable proxy authentication.
  2. Policies not applying

    Well, im having a problem trying to work woth the mirror endpoint that im trying to create. So im trying to make an enpoint update via mirror, but i cant because it says Proxy autentication failed, seeing that i proced to unasssign this pc from the HTTP Proxy Management policies so it doesnt take the information from that policie, but no it keeps taking the information from that policy even i unassigned that pc. Also, i put the proxy information on another policy and assign that policy to the mirror endpoint, and in the default policy (HTTP Proxy Usage) i disable proxy setting , and guess what, in the mirror server the proxy goes down because its still taking the information from the default policy. Is there a way that the endpoiints stop taking the information from the default policy when i unassign them from that policy? Is that a bug? I really need to put an end to this , but i cant advance with the default policy giving information to the endpoints even when it has 0 pcs assigned.
  3. Proxy Auth

    So i have a problem, i got a perimetral proxy in my server and im trying to make the endpoints to go through the proxy to get the updates. The problem is that im providing a valid username and password to auth the proxy but the authentication its failling. I dont really know what 'to do because the proxy auth with my AD and the account that im providing its Local Administrator in the pc and admin in the domain :S. Any clues on what to do?
  4. ERA and Shared local cache

    Thank you very much!
  5. ERA and Shared local cache are free?
  6. ESET Endpoint AV Update

    Whats the default port for the HTTP Proxy ? Im trying to configure it. And im guessing it goes without user and password because i didnt get asked for one in the all in one installer.
  7. ESET Endpoint AV Update

    Im using ERA 6 and EEAV 6 too. I will read the documentation and i will ask you if i have any doubts.
  8. Can someone help me figuring out the way that the enpoints look for the updates in the server and not by themselves? I want the endpoints to update via server, going into the server find the update and use it for themselves. Thanks and heeeeelp!
  9. Deleting ERA

    If i delete the era server, all the era agents in the endpoints will be removed? I had to switch servers, from one era to another, is there a way to make the endpoints stop reporting to the old ERA and start resporting to the new one? Thanks!
  10. Cannot access ERA WEBCONSOLE Page

    SOLVED. TOMCAT WAS USING WRONG CREDENTIALS IN THE SERVICE. Solved it changing the credentials in the log on tab on the service.
  11. Cannot access ERA WEBCONSOLE Page

    i used the all in one installer to install ERA. I just checked and tomcat service its not running and when im trying to start it it gives me the Error 1069 The service did not start due to a logon failure. Any clues on what to do?
  12. i cannot acces the era webconsole. I just made a clean instalation in a virtual machine (Windows 10 installed), just installed java and ERA with all the components. But when im trying to access the webconsole localhost\era i cant. Any clues?
  13. Using Apache HTTP PROXY

    Yeah im installing file security in the server, but with that i should be able to mirror for EEA right?
  14. Using Apache HTTP PROXY

    And if i want to create a mirror so EEA can update , i have to install EEA in the server o using EES its the same? Even if its not the same product.
  15. Well, im trying to use the apache http proxy for the mirror stuff. The problem is that when im trying to put it in a Policy it ask for a username and password, but when i installed era ans with that apche it never asked me to put a username and password. What should i do? Also is there another way of putting a mirror without using Apache http proxy in ERA 6.X. Thanks!