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  1. Update proxy settings to endpoints

    Its solved now !
  2. Update proxy settings to endpoints

    Also.... I tried with the flash icon, forcing the polict and nothing, im on and endpoint and the proxy setting is still with the information of the proxy.
  3. Update proxy settings to endpoints

    The default policy HTTP Proxy Usage its in every single endpoint, and that policy is the one that i need to stop working... What i mean is that if in that policy i put the proxy deactivated i need it to deactivate. But im putting the settings of the proxy to be deactivated, and when i look up in an endpoint the proxy is still active... I got the mirror working, i just need the endpoints not to go through the proxy, and thats it.
  4. Update proxy settings to endpoints

    Im using this policy : But when i go to the endpoints the policy didnt apply the disabled proxy, the proxy stills up. What should i do? I cant do it manualy because i have a lot of endpoints.
  5. So well, I made my mirror and i make it functional. So now i have another problem and its thats i have some endpoints that sticks with the proxy settings configured, even when i turn it off in the proxy policy. So my question is... How do i update the proxy selection of and endpoint remotely via ERA? I have like 100 endpoints that i need to update the proxy settings , basically i need them to use the mirror settings and not the proxy ones. Best Regards