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  1. @100 Thank you. This will do until ESET resolves this conflict with SandBoxie.
  2. @itman I do confirm that the issue with ESET locking SandBoxie registry files do still occur with cleaner module 1199 but at the moment only when the "ESET Startup Scan" is active and I am closing a SandBox and this occurs sometimes but not rare.
  3. @Marcos I have been running ESET 1197 pre-release cleaner module for the past few days without issues. Sandboxie is working like it was prior to the reported problem. Marcos, could you elaborate what did ESET cleaner module did to Sandboxie to cause this problem? Sandboxie worked along with ESET for years without any conflicts until the reported issue occured recently. Your input is appreciated.
  4. @Marcos We are half way into "next week", do you have an ETA for pre-lease cleaner module 1197? Your response is appreciated.
  5. Understood, thank you for the clarification. The Sophos mitigation did not work as well in my case.
  6. I have taken the dive into ESET's 1195 pre-release cleaner module. I am not sure why I did not receive the 1197 pre-release cleaner module after opting for it. For the most part it works but I do still receive the sandbox deletion issue 2 times out of 6 cold boots. I am attempting to find if there is a relation between how soon I log into OS desktop from a cold boot and open a sandboxed browser session with the sandbox deletion issue. 1195 pre-release is better but not a solution to the problem. I will attempt the blocking of ekrn.exe with Sandboxie after I revert from the 1195 pre-release.
  7. Okay, disabling ESET NOT32 HIPS did not work as well. I have re-enable it along with DBI and have disabled "Protocol Filtering" completely and so far so good. Will continue testing.
  8. You are correct, it took less than 2 hours of work to see that this option (ESET DBI Exclusions) did not work. I have disabled ESET NOD32 HIPS and are trying again. WIll post my findings soon.
  9. I am testing the option of setting up all Sandboxie files to be excluded under ESET NOD32/HIPS/DEEP BEHAVIORAL. I will report back in about a week worth of use.
  10. I am experiencing a very similar issue as reported by Tetranitrocubane. I run Win7x64 / Sandboxie 5.30 / ESET NOD32 all running without any issues until I received Detection Engine update 19640 (20190705) and Rapid Response module 14501 (20190706). I am still able to clear the contents from the sandbox after a cold boot. No other updates and/or changes has been introduced to my system with the exception of the ESET updates. Any assistance in this matter is much appreciated.
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