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  1. Finally understood You need to logon using the licence key and password associated You cannot change anything with the security admin account... Not really easy to understand
  2. If I log in ELA with admin account, I can see licences and seats activated. I can see the deactivate button, but I have got no checkbox near each seat to select computers to disable
  3. Hi I have got 250 licences for ESET clients. ELA show me that 269 are activated, all from Remote Administrator by a planned task but I cant disable or remove licences from older computers that do not exist anymore in ELA. It tells me that I cannot remove licences activated from remote administrator I did not find any menu in Remote Administrator where I can disable older computers to use a licence Can u tell me how I should do?
  4. I didn't know servers need a different version of ESET Never had this kind of problems on any of our 40 others servers Protocol filtering is actually activated. I disabled this one but ekrn.exe still using a lot of ram. I dont know how to restart the program to see if this change would have an effect in the future
  5. Hi One of our servers became unresponsive a few weeks ago. We saw that ekrn.exe was eating more than 2000 MB RAM We did a reboot, it came back to normal, around 80/100MB RAM We upgraded the client to 5.0.2214 I did some monitoring graphs, and I noticed that server would crash the same way in a few weeks. ekrn.exe is slowly eating RAM, actually 800 MB RAM. It just slowly increase day after day Server host a IBM Cognos application Is there a fix to solve this? Any way to restart ekrn.exe every weeks for example? (we tried to kill task access denied, no way to stop service, access denied) Stopping protection for 10 minutes does not grant back memory Hope I would not need to reboot server every few weeks, this server should never stop
  6. Found a solution myself Just do not use update option, but install option It would update anyways
  7. Hi I recently upgrade Server Administrator Console and Server to 5.0.511 I then tried to create new installation packages for 32 bits and 64 bits I needed a few minutes to understand which package was need to upgrade ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition was the name in V4, now it seems to be ESET Endpoint Antivirus I upgraded a few clients (mostly servers) with the 64 bits package without any problems but most of them were already 4.2.76 before On all my clients machines (Windows 7, XP) which are in 4.0.474, the task just tell me that there is no update for my clients despite using a 32 bits package ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5.0.2214 Any ideas?
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