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  1. Hi, I'm very happy so see a file in this thread (while waiting for premium support activation) Here is what I've did. 1. Tried to use ovf installation. Immediately saw that when vagent host started for the first time, additional CA was created besides ERA CA and new vagent host certificate was issued by this CA. Can you clarify why have you removed an ability to use existing ERA ca/certificates during OVF deployment? Older versions of vagent had this feature. Even your video on youtube shows that this is possible:/ And the problem is, that docs are not updated for the latest ver
  2. Marcos, Where can I read more about this certificates whitelisting thing? Maybe vagent host and evs do not offer any noticeable benefits too???
  3. Hi, I wonder does anyone know where can I find latest docs for latest vagent host appliance deployment. All the docs I'm able to find are for older version of vagent host. And I'm very interested how can I deploy vagent host appliance using my existing certificates from ERA. Because what I can see now is when appliance is configured at the first startup it creates new CA in my ERA and it creates new certificate which is signed by this CA. But I want to use my existing certificates. So natural question - how????
  4. Hi, I want to install my ERA using standalone components. So I have natural question - is there any documentation how to install Apache Tomcat server (what options to select, what options, directories to remove, what configs to change)? Install guide does say nothing about this:(
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