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  1. Add a behavior blocker, based on the reputation system of Eset. Yes, I said this some time ago, but if Eset don't add it, in the future, this will be a big problem.
  2. ESET have sandbox, but we just can't access it. But I agree with you, I want to manage apps in a sandbox.
  3. No, for example: A threat has been detected (MSIL/blabla) when X tried to access X. I just want to block the popup of the specific ´MSIL/blabla´. If for example another threat is detected (for example, MSIL/Blabla25) is detected, it´s popup will appear. I don´t know if you understand me :/
  4. Eset Live Grid know lot of programs to avoid false positives, so a behavior blocker isn´t a bad idea...
  5. Another suggestion: We all know that we can change the settings to predeterminated, but we are forced for do this for all the settings. Ok, instead of this, Eset could add a button to do this in all sections of the settings (Antivirus, firewall, etc.).
  6. Hello, I would see in next version of eset a software updater like in Avast or Kaspersky Thanks
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