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  1. Its been 2 days that error hasn't happened. I'm eager to know, is Eset able to send specific update to a specific pc, or all Eset users receive all updates without any exception?
  2. Here is the file: (fortunately error happened just minutes after enabling logging)eis_logs.zip
  3. Ok, but if the generated file becomes very big (since it takes some hours that the error happens), I would be unable to upload it here.
  4. I received the update but still have the issue. I want to know if everyone's problem is resolved or not.
  5. I checked, I got that too. So I just changed my dns to google to see if it has any effects. Thanks
  6. How can you tell that a specific update was carrying a live grid update? My regular update is also on & last update was 1 hour ago, so I should have got that update too, but just minutes ago (after 8 hours no notifications), I got one error. So maybe I have another problem that create this error? Is it official that live grid update is releases? To marcos > Can you please do something about this (sometimes) Eset "Banned" messgae when I try to go eset forum (after a week)?
  7. You mean in IPV4? Mine is both set to auto. So I should enter Google DNS? I don't know which dns works best.
  8. Ok thanks, one more thing, I thought this live grid error was recorded in Tools>Log files>Events, but instead I saw multiple "Limited Direct Cloud Connectivity" which we talked about earlier, so these two should be related to eachother. Live grid shows as notification on desktop & Eset but Limited Direct... recorded in events.
  9. In another thread I saw something regarding enabling pre-release update to get rid of similar error, should I enable it? or there is a solution without enabling it?
  10. Thanks Marcos for checking my license, I still had live grid error today but less often, say almost 3 times in 10 hours or so. I wait to see if it gets any better. Thanks
  11. You mean posting that 9 letter license id here, or privately messaging Marcos asking him? Thanks
  12. Thanks itman, here are afew things to check out: -I didn't buy my license from another country. (Does any specific license show that its related to specific country?) -I bought it around 3-4 month ago, now its afew weeks that I have this problem. -Eset receives updates without any problem. -The license status in my.eset.com is ok.
  13. Yes it is possible and I will ask my ISP about that, but more likely its eset's end, I am sometimes banned to enter eset forum. Sometimes not. Not that a government ban shows on my browser, its a eset ban with a big word "banned". So I think they are not sure to allow me to use their service and product, or something is wrong that they are not aware of?
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