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  1. Hi, In Advanced Setup there are some number notifications in front of entries on the left, which I think is the number of changes from default values of items within that entry. How can I find out that change(s) belongs to which item? I know that I can revert all of them to default with that arrow on the upper right corner, but I want to know which item is changed before that. Thanks
  2. I didn't notice that with selecting different profiles at top the threatsense parameters are updated & are different. So now I understand those two categories belong to "smart scan" profile which is off by default. (which is faster scan comparing to in-depth) Thank you very much
  3. Thanks, if their default value is off (which seems to be), the program doesn't scan them by default, which is less secure I assume. I want to know if its not much important, leave them off. (Since if programmers left them off they did it on purpose probably).
  4. Hi, In Internet Security > Advanced Setup > Malware Scans > On-Demand Scan > Threatsense Parameters, there are two categories that are off: Email files, & Archives. Does it mean that program doesn't scan these two? Its better to leave them off or turn them on? Thanks
  5. I uninstalled and installed version, so far network protection is green with no problems. I will check periodically and report if anything went wrong. Thanks
  6. When creating dump it messages "an error ocurred during memory dumping" in red
  7. I sent you my logs, ran "fsutil resource setautoreset true c:\" rebooted and problem still there.
  8. I found out that this problem (non-functional firewall) allowed one program on my system to connect to internet that I didn't want it to connect. This is sad and I am getting annoyed, it passed weeks and no solution released. I enabled pre-release update and after some days back to regular update and both didn't help. I tested all things said on this thread. How can be sure other threats didn't pass through the firewall. My license is ending in weeks and I will never going to buy eset again. There are good products on net that don't have this very basic problem.
  9. As I mentioned above, I found out that this problem is maybe some sort of confliction with windows firewall. I hope they get it fixed in next upgrades-updates.
  10. I had random internet disconnection with my pc running win 10, eset 10. and when troubleshooting it told me: "The DNS sever isnt responding". I had to call ISP support and he guided me to change DNS addresses, after that I had no problem.
  11. Any update on this issue? Please let me know if my above work around is considered a solution by you. Thanks, Guided
  12. Hi, I had the same problem, I went to Services, Windows Firewall was on automatic, I changed automatic to manual, restart the windows and problem solved. See if it helps. Thanks
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