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  1. Where can I find this announcement post. I don't see it.
  2. Where can one read changes for Insider program users? I would like to read what's fixed/new in but can't find any info.
  3. The application is chrome.exe since that is where I keep twitch dashboard open. I'm not sure it should be blocking that site. What could be potential safety issue?
  4. As title says sometimes when I'm streaming, not too often, quite after a few hours I'd say, I get notice that https://tmi.twitch.tv has been blocked like 16 times. I wonder why, any ideas? Logs say "blocked by PUA blacklist"
  5. Running repair install seemed to have fixed this issue of Windows Defender running parallel to ESET. Now it doesn't run and ESET took over.
  6. It's enabled. I guess something got messed up I will reinstall ESET to try to fix. It seems I have to uninstall first to reinstall, I can just reinstall over it because I get message latest version is already installed and installer quits.
  7. Today I started getting firewall popups (since I have it set on interactive to prompt any new communication attempt) regarding "msmpeng.exe" outgoing communication to Microsoft that I haven't seen in the past. Then I went to check Windows Defender Security Center where it says actions are needed... regarding firewall issues (I guess I didn't set the msmpeng.exe process to allow) where I also noticed Defender was turned on. Should Windows Defender be turned on while having ESET installed or not? Even if yes, Is it needed at all, can it be disabled and is that not recommeneded? Here is
  8. I know what you mean and more conclusive evidence would be uninstalling ESET and monitoring if BSODs happen again.
  9. Even though it is possible that something else is a matter I'm not inclined to think it's other software than ESET and/or Windows 10 CU because I'm very meticulous about observing what is happening with my computer and the only variables changed since these BSODs started happening were ESET and Win10 CU upgrade. Having in mind I completely formatted disk and reinstalled Win10 CU that narrows down the possibility and likelihood of rogue driver doing it. Considering examining minidumps, and googling few terms always bring me into connection to ESET in my search I'm very much inclined to thi
  10. Unfortunately both that and disabling SSL filtering will take time to test if BSODs happen. Another thing is that disabling HIPS brings notifications that protection is not secure enough which is really annoying. People hate to see tray icon showing something is wrong + getting notifications how ~"you should really enable xxx protection because you are not protected enough."
  11. Yes it started when I installed EIS + upgraded to Windows 10 CU. Since then I formatted and reinstalled windows 10 CU and EIS and still I get this BSOD. Those are the two most notable variables, everything else seems to have been working fine for years without such BSOD code.
  12. I'm on Windows 10 pro CU 64bit and I have done measurement using Measure-Command {Start-Process powershell} | Select TotalSeconds command. It consistently takes around 5 or 5.1 seconds to start. After uninstalling ESET it took 0.01 seconds to start measured by same command. Now, I tried adding powershell.exe to exclusions but I just cant make it run without taking 5 seconds under ESET. Any advice how to exclude powershell from scanning so that it starts fast? P.S. This is measurement under ESET and this is measurement after uninstalling ESET
  13. I have ESET Internet Security v10.1.204.0 x64 on Windows 10. Every few days, sometimes more often I get BSOD in Windows 10 CU about BAD_POOL_CALLER 0x000000c2. I've searched around and got to this link I'm thinking this is related to ESET and very well could be related to their firewall, as suggested doing this SSL filtering. Has this been confirmed by ESET? Can they look into this? I can provide minidump if necessary. I run firewall in interactive mode.
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