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  1. Hello. I have tried but that option is not working at all. can we use teamviewer to help me fix it?
  2. Hello. Can you please come with an urgent solution? Thanks ess_logs.zip
  3. I have unistalled and reinstalled, removed all programs that might be in conflict, all the solutions I found online but useless. My computer was acting strange having viruses so I could not wait anymore and I took another antivirus. Too bad I tool eset smart license for two years and no use of it.
  4. Done, and the same result. So I have found a solution: change the BS antivirus.
  5. Hello. Advanced system care is running with antivirus since 2 years.I have never had problems. i tried to disable it but no result.
  6. I bought the 10 version directly. . When i click update nothing happens. it tells me your database is uptodate, ad the last update 5th of may. The problem appeared recently and I dont know how to fix it. Please see print scree attached.
  7. Dear users, I have a problem updating ESER smart security. Please see the print screen attached. The database of virus signatures is: 15061. I am afraid of viruses and because is not updating I might loose my work. How can I fix it? Thank you for your support.
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