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  1. called eset tech support this evening, they went ahead and installed using the installer that I had downloaded, they first installed everything I needed and then went back and installed the latest tomcat seems to be working as expected now
  2. sounds like a plan thanks for that extra information I didn't know about, I will try to look over everything and do on Monday and post my results thank you
  3. when i click on server tasks it says "loading" for a bit and then shuts down tomcat memory is 8gb and doesn't go over 30% when in task manager when I hit the server tasks I tried to remove that windows update however it failed so I ran windows updates again and it gave me the sept 2020 cummulative update which I installed didn't fix the "server task" issue though I see the update tab within the console, I've backup up database and certs, could I just run from there or should I download and install
  4. I started the apache tomcat7 service once again logged in to eset 7 mgt console, everything work, almost until I clicked on "server tasks" then it shut down apache tomcat7 service
  5. updates: kb4493470, kb4576750, kb4565912 eset mgt console 7.0 windows server 2016
  6. Just curious, My ESET Mgt Center is version 7.0 and I see an update available for Version Do i have to update to 7.2 to get the newer agent? I know that i can download on website but I want to be able to push or install using the Mgt Center Console
  7. this forum seems like a hit or miss on getting things resolved
  8. Marcos, you lost me on your reply, I'm not sure what you are talking about, can you explain a bit, thanks
  9. my eset v5 is blocking a link, amazonaws.com The thread is listes as: JS/Kryptik.CO Trojan Information: connection terminated does anyone know how to fix this from popping up, we have scanned the machine
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