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  1. Hi Marcos, Just a quick update: Ive just tried another test. First, I installed version FF52, then I disabled/renabled SSL filtering, and then I did an auto upgrade to FF53.0.2. SSL filtering worked. Then, I uninstalled this instance of FF, kept the profile (so that the SSL cert remains in the cert8.db), and reinstall FF53.0.2. Again, SSL filtering worked as expected. Finally, I uninstalled the FF app and removed the profile, and reinstall again FF53.0.2. SSL filtering, as expected, stops working. Cheers!
  2. Hi, I'm having the same issue here. As a matter of fact, I think SSL filtering is not working with the latest version of Firefox (v53) I've tried to reinstall the following version (complete re-installation + removal of FF profile), then disable/renable SSL filtering: FF 53.0 + auto add: no go. Cert would not be added into FF cert store FF 53.0 + manual export/import of ESET SSL + ask when doing SSL scan: also no go. Received zero prompt. The rest of the browsers (edge, IE and chrome) were okay (eset would prompt accordingly). FF 52: ok FF ESR 52: ok I understand that FF 53 has tls 1.3 switched on by default. Not sure if this is the root cause? Cheers
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