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  1. Hello! There is a notification that I need to enable time sync at my mobile device to prevent kid from manipulating the game time. How can I do this or where is it described? Android 5, Eset Parental Control
  2. I checked it at android 5 devices(this app seems working better and correct than at android 4 device) - it works, but it seems like it works only for the search at english language. If I use russian words for search it seems like the most part of a russian adult sites can be opened and seen. Does web filter work only for english SERP(search results)?
  3. Ok. My son comes to his grandma one day a week. She gives her phone to him only these one day. I need to find the easiest way to quickly deploy this application only one day a week when we come and turn off the parental control when we leave to return all functionality
  4. When I enter the PIN then I see the start screen(desktop) of a mobile divece, no menu I can see
  5. Thank you. I use Chrome 42.0.2311.111 at my kid phone. Where can I find the requested About information? Where can I check accessibility permissions enabled or not?
  6. Hello. I'm continue to investigate your wonderful app for android. In the help page there is an instruction how toask support about the application. But i can't find the menu in this app. It's turned on as for the kid. Here is the printscreen of what I'm seeing when I launch it from a list of all installed applications:
  7. Hello. I'm investigating your Parental Control app at my Android 4 device. I launched your application as for a child. Web filter is enabled as i can see at my parental account at your site. But web filter doesn't work. All porn content can be viewed throught the Chrome application for android. Why is it so?
  8. Hello! I need Eset Parental Control application( for android to work for one or two days a week. How to turn on and turn off it quickly without deinstallation and reinstallation?
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