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  1. I have check disks for errors and found nothing. Then I uninstalled Comodo Firewall 10 Next restart ESET ran like normal, it was indeed Comodo Firewall all the while. I'm quite sure I set it as an "Allowed Application" under its own rulesets, I don' know why it prevents ESET on running at all. It may have been intentional or not, well at least if someone else has this problem like me; this should serve as an one of the solutions. Anyway thanks for the replies
  2. He responded to my PM, brb doing the instructions
  3. PM Sent, also tried malwarebytes; there were no threats found
  4. I will try early tomorrow as it's getting late, I have all of it the things downloaded and malwarebytes installed. Thanks for the replies
  5. Update: still the same, restarting the laptop breaks it. Manually starting egui.exe, shows up on task manager in a sec then gone ekrn.exe starts, stays for like 30 seconds before being gone too I shouldn't have update, this is giving me headaches I'll be waiting for your response since you're offline now, please keep in touch later
  6. Done uninstalling (safe mode) and reinstalling (admin privilege) gonna restart now and check if it works, since this is the part where it was stuck
  7. Yes that's what I did, same procedure. I hope this image helps I'll try reinstalling it again with safe mode for now edit: suddenly not enough privileges despite being the "Administrator", gonna do the safemode one instead
  8. ESET was working fine, well until today's program update. The installation encountered some problems that I however forgot to screenshot so I just let it continue. Restarted, doesn't start so i tried to uninstall it using the uninstaller+safe mode on the site. After reinstalling and reactivation of the license, it worked normally. Well after I restarted it broke again, neither egui nor ekrn runs. When I try to open (even with admin privs) the egui.exe, it autocloses for some reason bearing the 'suspended' on the task manager details before disappearing. If it's a virus then shouldn't NOD32 detect it? This whole thing happened AFTER I update the program. System OS: Windows 10 -------------------- Solution below
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